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There is a whole set of genres for mobile games as for PC and consoles as well. We have games that although try to copy their bigger cousins, they actually feel like they were meant to be for the small screen. One of the most popualar genres in games today is the zombie genre. A modern genre on a mobile devices might actually be the right combination for the benefit of the mobile games industry. If you want to hit up on this genre, here are the top 5 zombie games for android that you must play.

1. Contract Killer: Zombies

top zombie android games Contract Killer: Zombies

What sets this game apart from the majority of games in this genre is the story-line. If you are a fan of good storytelling in games this one of the top zombie games for android you should try. You can go through the story from the perspective of two major characters. The size of CK: Zombies is 360MB. Whilst the story alone makes this game enjoyable, the graphics as well are worthy of mentioning.

IN CK: Zombies you play as one of the two characters that walk together from the beginning to the end of the game. You can be a young red-headed lady or a gun-toting dude in a wheelchair. Having two characters is part of the overall game design meaning that is actually relevant to have two characters. In each stage both of you are required to help each other for a final goal. For example in one mission you have to protect the other character as she tries to load up supplies. If the zombies grab her, you can still shot them without hitting your friend.

Other missions include goals such as raiding food and finding and evacuating survivors. Although this game is good in most aspects, a lot of the credit goes due to the original story and good plot points that makes it stand out of the crowd as one of top zombie games for Android.

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2. Dead Trigger

top zombie android games Dead Trigger

FPS games is not the best genres to deal with when it comes to mobile games. However, it is not the case with Dead Trigger. In DT you have to move the character as well as its vision using the touch screen. Each level come with rewards and you can also finds various perks as you advance through the missions. As the levels get harder and harder, you need to try your best to avoid getting to close to zombies. If this happens is game over. Dead Trigger is known for its extreme combat design where a zombie can kill you in an instant.

You can pick missions from the map city menu. This game also has its own plot. However it tends to move away from the initial journey by receiving missions from people that you meet along the way.

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3. Zombie Hell

top zombie android games zombie hell

This game is a lot of fun and is a perfect game for fast-paced games fans. The over-the-shoulder perspective makes it a really nice experience for a zombie game. Other games have this perspective as an optional feature, but Zombie Hell has it as the only available option. Even if you are not used with this kind of view point, Zombie Hell will change your mind. Despite the stiffed camera design, Zombie Hell managed to bring some positive vibe upon shooter games being played on mobile devices.

The game starts in slow paced mode, but gradually becomes more and more alert as new more powerful zombies are introduced. Zombie Hell delivers the scary emotions not just as being a zombie game, but also through its nightmerish kind of theme. You are constantly alert as you do not know when a zombie might just charge at you from behind. If you are a fun of scary games, Zombie Hell is a good combination between zombie and horror genre.

If you are a fan of stress relieving games, Zombie Hell is a good choice as well. The fast-paced concept and the ‘kill everything that moves’ kind of plot makes this a stress reliever by constantly keeping you focused on not getting killed.

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4. Zombie Highway 2

top zombie android games Zombie Highway 2

This is a rather smaller and simplistic zombie game for android. In ZH2 you are driving a car trough what is supposedly the Zombie Highway. If you are a fan of games that stick you to the screen for hours, than ZH2 may be a good choice. Although the gameplay is simplistic and rather boring, there are daily objectives and over 60 missions that can keep you engaged for a long time. You can also compare your progress with your Facebook friends.

Compared to the first instalment, the sequel feels in its place and does not feel like a different game as it happens with other mobile sequels. The concept is the same. You get to kill zombies that jump on your car using other cars and walls from the streets.

Where Zombie Highway 2 gets extra points are the graphics. The cars are well detailed and also zombies movement are a lot better compared to first ZH game. Not complex in the overall game design, Zombie Hell 2 is a well received game maybe because of that reason. Mobile games are meant to be played on-the-go and ZH2 is exactly that kind of game. Helped by the overall zombie characteristics that we all seem to like these days, Zombie Hell 2 gets the 4th place in this top zombie games for android chart.

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5. Unkilled

top zombie android games Unkilled

If you are familiar with Madfinger’s Dead Trigger, then Unkilled may very well be played as a sequel to the DT series. Unkilled borrows gameplay features from the Serious Sam game style. It feels like a shoot ’em up to some extent, but it also feels like a genuine Dead Trigger sequel. As in Dead Trigger, the enemies are mostly melee based and it’s fairly easy to overcome them. In a crowd control style of plot, you complete lots of missions without the feeling of repetition between different missions.

Compared to Dead Trigger 2, Unkilled has over 100 story missions. This is the main difference from the DT franchise and it is a real benefit for the overall experience. However, the game has its shortcoming as well. The dialogue seems rather unnatural and the action where the story takes place does not really look as New York. The story follows the adventures of Joe, a member of the military unit ‘WOLFPACK’ as he has the mission to control a zombie outbreak in the New York City.

The overall story of the game does not feels like is working. This may be due to the almost awkward and inappropriate dialogue. As for the free-to-play aspect, the developers didn’t got greedy. You can still earn cash playing missions and gold by watching ads. If you are looking for a game with good graphics and decent gameplay, Unkilled may be a good choice. But if you care about all game aspects such as story and dialogue, Unkilled may not be what you are looking for. For its lack of plot and character, Unkilled gets the last place in these top zombie games for android list.

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Based on top games that everybody likes and that we also liked, we created this 5 top zombie games for android to play. Do you think we have missed any of the top zombie games? Why do you think so? What are your top 5 zombie games for android? Share your thoughts about this list using the comment section.