top 5 zombie games for pc

Zombie games have finally received their own genre and today we have enough zombie games to classify them within the same genre. However, like any other main genre it has its sub-genres as well. Zombie games have gone so far as to combine gameplay from other games such as roblox, minecraft, etc., with zombie-survival elements. If you want to start exploring this gaming genre there are as many zombie games for a life time. To make things easier and to better understand where this genre started and where it is today, here is a list of some of the top zombie games for PC.

5. Dying Light

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Released in the January of 2015, Dying Light is a game with survival horror elements and FPS type of action. It can be played as single player and multiplayer as well. The creators of Dead Island tried to reinvent the franchise by releasing a better version of the DI series. They managed to accomplish their goal through a better multiplayer gameplay design, but also through the single-player adventure. Compared to recent Dead Island releases, Dying Light is more balanced in terms of difficulty.

During the day, you are against one type of zombies, whilst at night you encounter the so called Volatile zombies. These are harder to avoid and harder to kill. However, there are more things that make Dying Light a better game than DI. Characters, gameplay, weapon customization, character skills or the parkour type of movement are some of the most obvious. Although popular, Dying Light is overall decent and gets the last place on this top 5 zombie games for PC.

Dead Island did have a fun aspect which has been extended into Dying Light. The co-op in Dying Light is as fun as in Dead Island and is nice to see the creators figured that out in the new title. Even more, you can actually became a zombie by playing in the Be the Zombie mode where you have to defeat the opponents as a zombie.

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4. Resident Evil HD Remaster

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The remastered version of one of the most popular games in the genre was released on the 1st of January 2015. Just as in the original game, Resident Evil HD Remaster can only be played as a single player campaign. A lot of you may not know this but back in the old days, RE was the dominating title within the horror genre. And they also did a pretty good job and this is why we have today the remastered version of the game that basically started it all. There are, however slight changes that enhance the overall quality of the game. Apart from the stunning visuals, there are other changes as well such as new characters.

The remake of the original that practically invented the term of ‘survival horror’ follows the same type of gameplay and plot where you have to count every bullet and herb in order to have good chance of surviving the ‘invasion’. The story is identical. The team goes to investigate a number of unexplained disappearances and things turn out to be even worst than ever imagined.

Everything from the original is beautifully expressed in the remake. Most importantly, the same feeling of horror and claustrophobia is still there. Even if you are a new player to resident evil you will still be amazed by the overall feeling of horror and alertness. Being the original is not enough to receive the first place. As a game initially produced in 1996, Resident Evil still has a word to say in modern horror games and this is why gets the forth place in this top 5 zombie games for PC.

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3. 7 Days to Die

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For the 3rd spot we move to a more modern type of horror. 7 Days to Die is FPS Survival Horror Shooter with RPG elements.
The action takes place in a rather sandbox survival type of setting. It is basically a minecraft game with genuine zombie elements. You can build and destroy everything and also zombies can destroy your buildings.

The game stands out with a really broad and extensive level of crafting. You can build weapons, clothing, tools, etc. You can play in co-op mode and build a community where you have to defend from the enemies, but you can also take the offensive side and attack and conquer other communities.

Although not the first game in this type of sandbox-zombie genre, 7 Days to Die stands out for multiple reasons. The most important aspect that makes this game one of the best in the genre is the level of support from both the developing team, but also from the fans the game receives. Not everybody’s favourite zombie game, 7 Days to Die get a top 3 spot in this top 5 zombie games for PC due to its complexity and originality.

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2. H1Z1

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H1Z1 is a game that suffered so many changes, is hard to clearly pinpoint its genre. Released in 2015 January, H1Z1 is a multiplayer game set in a post apocalyptic world of zombies.
The game action takes place in United States. The persistent genre however, is a rather team deathmatch game dressed with the clothes of a zombie genre game. The initial release was a received with mixed feelings, but SOE managed to bring the game to a different stage within the overall world of zombie – multiplayer games. Hard to pinpoint this game in any top zombie games list. But due to its success to merge a zombie genre within a more commercial style of gameplay hits the second place on our top zombie games for PC.

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1. Resident Evil 4

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Originally released in January 2005, RE4 is a third person shooter with survival horror characteristics. Despite the recent downfall of the franchise, Resident Evil 4 is considered as a landmark in the horror genre. Similarly to the original RE, you can only play the game in a single player campaign.
Capcom managed to be ahead of their talent by providing the world what we needed. Before RE4, every other release was following the same concept of the first and successful RE. Although good enough, the audience required for a change and Capcom delivered it beyond any expectations. Since then, Capcom is using the same concept in every release and maybe for the second time, they need to reinvent what themselves initially invented.

The story follows Leon, a government agent and a former police officer. The story sets out when the daughter of the President is being kidnapped by a terrorist organisation and Leon is charged with rescuing her.

In comparison with previous Resident Evil releases, RE4 is fast paced and instead of having fixed cameras we now follow Leon from an over-the-shoulder perspective. However, along with an easier and more smooth level of control we also have better and harder enemies to defeat. Our top 5 games list for PC closes in with the game we like to call the best zombie game of all time. Play it today and you will certainly enjoy it in all regards. Story, gameplay, characters, innovative mechanics, good dialogue, good plot points, unique gaming design. All game aspects are well combined to deliver one of the most engaging games in any genre.

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Do you know these games? How do they fall in your own best zombie games for PC? Do you think we got it right or we are not even close? Please leave your thoughts upon this top zombie games list in the comments section below.