top roblox zombie games

The world of roblox is not just a big world. It is also the most diversified world when it comes to game styles, game genres and innovative gameplay. Among the vast world of game genres we also have the zombie games genre. This is an old genre that apparently met its peak point in present times. Everything having the label of zombie is blessed with success. Roblox is one universe where this genre is thriving. If you like roblox and you are part of the whole zombie fever, here are the top roblox zombie games that you must play.

top roblox zombie games

3. Call of Robloxia – Zombies

How far can you go in Call of Robloxia – Zombies? This is a rather shoot’em up roblox game where you advance through the stages by killing everything that moves. You can play as a team with your friends trying to get to the highest level as possible. The higher the round, the more life will zombies have and more will come.

The game design is pretty simple, but despite that it is a lot of fun. You have various upgrades and perks that help you defeating your enemy zombies that constantly try to kill you. Enemy zombies come in waves. There are different zombie enemies. Most of them are conventional humanoids zombies but you also encounter different types which are harder to kill and can kill you faster. Upon killing, enemies can leave dropouts behind such as Max Ammo, Double Points, Insta-Kill or Carpenter.

Enemies can kill you only on melee distance. They do not have any long distance advantage. What I like about Call of Robloxia – Zombies is that you can revive your teammate if he is down. This is a nice simple co-op game in roblox that completes the overall shoot’em concept and helps makes this game a good choice if you want to be glued to the screen for hours. Based on this review, this game gets the lowest place in this short top roblox zombie games list.

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2. Zed Defense

If you think that zombie genre is limited to killing zombies you are dead wrong. Zed Defense is the proof that zombie genre is the future of video games. In Zed Defense you are building a manufacturing empire from start while killing zombies for points, upgrades and purchasable.

This game is not your typical defense game. Upon arrival players are charged with claiming a plot of land and pumping raw material out of the very grounds that zombies rise from. At first you only have an axe as your weapon. As you can imagine, there is a lot of pressure in this game so players must purchase weapons and upgrade their facilities. You can also work together to fight off zombies, but as soon as you will find out, not all players are willing to do so.

The dynamic of the game is rather complex. The open-world environment gives you lots of possibilities to enhance your game experience. For example, as you advance within the game you can hop up in a jeep and start killing zombies while driving like a boss. If you are a zombie fan game, this is more than just a fair zombie experience. If you are a tycoon games fan, you most certainly will enjoy Zed Defense. Even if you don’t have a particular longing towards any of this genres you will most likely be an easy target to its addictive nature. If you like both tycoon and zombie games, this is one of the best roblox zombie games you have to play.

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1. Apocalypse Rising

This is not just the best zombie game on roblox, but is also one of the best overall roblox games. With over 120 million visits, Apocalypse Rising is a zombie survival game developed by Gusmanak and ZolarKeth.

In this roblox zombie game you play in a post-apocalyptic world where you have to gather weapons and supplies to eliminate enemy zombies and hostile players. It is a survival game, so basically your goal is to survive the chaos. Released in 2008, the game has been constantly updated and today is more fun to play than ever before. The most fun enhancements are C4 and building destruction, in-game radios plus countless weapon and GUI improvements. New players have no idea that back in the days vehicles were not a part of the game. Today, this is one of the most huge aspects of Apocalypse Rising. If the game was already a must-play before all the great improvements, now it is even more than that.

It is a crime not to play Apocalypse Rising in Roblox

Although cars are a major thing, these are not easy to find. Even when you find one, most likely it needs parts. However, the shorter but not the easiest way is to steal cars. Some of Apocalypse Rising predominant themes are exploration and team work. Since there are players that can kill you, it is a good approach to form teams with your friends so that you protect each other from hostile enemies and from zombies as well. At this moment, the game is free to play and it is a must play for every roblox player and game fan as well.

Apocalypse Rising is one of the games that precisely delineates how a roblox experience should be. It is fun, it is engaging, it has all the necessary elements for a unique experience and even more, the game is constantly revised and improved which takes it straight to first place in this top roblox zombie games to play. You feel part of a real apocalyptic world that motivates you to take necessary steps that will bring you great satisfaction for your actions whatever these may be.

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Is this the list that you were expecting to see? If you have your own roblox zombie/survival games what are these? What are the roblox zombie games that give you the most satisfaction? Please use the comments section to share your thoughts with the world about the world of zombies.