The world of video games has gain a lot of popularity in the past decade. This growth is not to be underappreciated. For gamers this is the best think that could have happened. However, with so many games available today it is hard to pick the right one to play. Then you pick the game and what? You need to learn how to play it. It was easier back in the days to learn how to play games such as Mario or Galaga. These were simple to play evenfor your grandmother. Today we have games such as Roblox or EVE Online. The games of present day are not simple anymore. It usually requires hours and hours to play them in order to understand how to play.

Here at we are trying to make things easier for you by releasing tutorials and reviews about what games to play in various genres. We have been playing video games since the dawn of Nintendo Games such as Zelda, Castlevania, Donkey Kong. We didn’t have our parents forcing us to quit playing so we have the privilege to share our knowledge and experience concerning the world of video games.